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Jib Crane

Jib Crane

Pneumatic Trading Corporation is the renowned dealer and supplier of an extensive range of Jib Cranes.
Brand : Jib Crane
Detailed Description

Jib Crane Material Handling System is a crane having an arm guyed at a fixed angle to the head of a rotating mast and it consists of a pivoting head and boom assembly which carries a hoist and trolley unit. The pivoting head is supported either by a floor-mounted mast providing 360 degree boom rotation or by an existing building column which provides 180 degrees of boom rotation.

The Jib Crane Material Handling System range offered by us is very high performing. We ensure that our products are in compliance with the industry specified quality standard, thus they deliver long lasting service. The advantage of Jib Crane is the strength, stability and flexibility of the device. Jib Crane Material Handling System is ideal for lifting a product to or from one material handling system to a work station or machine. Another advantage is that jib crane is commonly used for workstation and simple loading / unloading operations where it is not necessary to spot a load precisely. Also, Jib cranes most often handle lighter loads at lower duty cycles than their bridge and gantry crane counterparts.

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