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Click Type Torque Wrench

Click Type Torque Wrench

Utilizing a heavy duty cam and pawl mechanism, this reversible 3/8 in. drive Click Type Torque Wrench is the go-to tool when precise torque is needed.
Brand : Click Type Torque Wrench
Detailed Description

The Torque Wrench Click Type design provides a torque range from 5-80 ft. lbs. and is accurate to within +/- 4%. With todays lightweight components, Click Type Torque Wrench use in the shop is no longer an option—its a must for every mechanic. The Click Type Torque Wrench is a high quality, ratcheting, click type torque wrenches that accurately measure and apply the proper amount of torque to a components threaded fastener(s). Click Type Torque Wrench comes with its own protective case.



  • Click-type, accurate within +/- 4%
  • Heavy duty cam and pawl mechanism
  • Torque range: 5-80 ft. lbs.
  • Reversible
  • Reads and registers for both Left hand and Right hand threading
  • Dial-adjust system allows desired torque setting to be preset
  • Adjustable to 0.4 Nm increments
  • Conversion scale on tool body.


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