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Sunil Shinde
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Air POP and Solid Riveters

Air POP and Solid Riveters

Pneumatic Trading Corporation is one stop shop of dealing this tough and versatile Air POP & Solid Riveter is ideal for a multitude of applications from auto body shops to on-site security fencing work.
Brand : Air POP & Solid Riveters
Detailed Description

Air POP & Solid Riveter is a very compact riveter with a 3/16″ max capacity. Air POP & Solid Riveter Tool designed for rivets in aluminum, copper and softer materials. Easy pulling up to 2,200 lbs. transparent container with holes for quick release of rivet ends.


Key Benefits

  • Less Moving Parts
  • Extremely Fast Cycle Rate
  • Rivets Fasten with the Best Control
  • Highest Cost Savings Compared to Any Other Riveting System!
  • Heavy-Duty Rugged and Durability Construction
  • Every Riveter has a Vibratory Bowl Feeder with Center Feed Track.
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